GiGi NiNi Go to School 1

Lesson 1 "Aa" alligator Good morning. Lesson 2 "Bb" bear Thank you. Lesson 3 "Cc" cow I'm sorry Lesson 4 "Dd" dog How are you? Lesson 5 "Ee" elephant May I come in? Lesson 6 "Ff" fish Sorry. I'm late. Lesson 7 "Gg" goat May I go to the bathroom? Lesson 8 "Hh" hippo What's your name? Lesson 9 "Ii" iguana Where are you? Lesson 10 "Jj" jellyfish Where is your homework? Lesson 11 "Kk" kangaroo Get it. Lesson 12 "Ll" lion May I get my crayons? Lesson 13 "Mm" monkey This is for you. Lesson 14 "1" one Ah-chool! Lesson 15 "2" two May I have some tissue? Lesson 16 "3" three What's wrong? Lesson 17 "4" four Drink some water ,please. Lesson 18 "5" five Let's count.