GiGi NiNi Go to School 2

Lesson 1 "Nn" narwhale Sit down, please. Lesson 2 "Oo" octopus It's lunch time. Lesson 3 "Pp" pig Do you want some more? Lesson 4 "Qq" quail Enjoy your meal Lesson 5 "Rr" rabbit It's nap time. Lesson 6 "Ss" snail Be quiet. Lesson 7 "Tt" tiger Line up! Lesson 8 "Uu" umbrella bird Attention! Lesson 9 "Vv" vulture Follow me Lesson 10 "Ww" wolf Are you ready? Lesson 11 "Xx" X-ray fish Be careful. Lesson 12 "Yy" yak Give me five! Lesson 13 "Zz" zebra Who's next? Lesson 14 "6" six You're the winners Lesson 15 "7" seven Let's sing a song. Lesson 16 "8" eight Are you finished? Lesson 17 "9" nine Hurry up. Lesson 18 "10" ten It's time to go home.