Discovery English Compass 2A

Unit 1 Manners
Song- Please and thank you请和谢谢你
Conversation-Say please!说~请
Story-The compass指南针
Phonics- Consonant~N n
Main theme-Manners 课堂生活用语
Unit 2 Manners
Conversation-May I ride your bike?我可以骑你的自行车吗
Story-The mysterious numbers神秘的数字
Phonics- Vowel~O o
Main theme-助动词May的问句与回答/礼貌用语
Unit 3 Fruit and vegetables
Song- Oh do you eat your vegetables 喔~你吃了你的蔬菜了吗
Conversation-It is a watermelon .这是一个西瓜
Story-The first number第一个数字
Phonics- Consonant~ P p
Main theme-fruit and vegetables 各种蔬果的介绍
Unit 4 Fruit and vegetables
Song- Apples and bananas 苹果和香蕉
Conversation-What is your favorite fruit? 你最喜欢的水果是什么
Story-A new adventure 全新的冒险
Phonics-Review N n O o P p
Main theme-指示代名词的用法
Unit 5 Pets
Song-Oh Where has my little dog gone 喔~我的小狗去哪里了
Conversation-Do you have a pet? 你有养宠物吗
Story-Where to go 要往哪里去
Phonics- Consonant~ Q q
Main theme-pets 各种宠物的介绍
Unit 6 Pets
Song-Love your pets 爱你的宠物
Conversation-It is my cat.这是我的猫
Story-The Empire State Building帝国大厦
Phonics- Consonant~R r
Main theme-所有格与形容词的用法