Discovery English Clue 3C

Unit 1 Travel
Song- The bugs are coming虫虫来了
Conversation-We are going to miss our train!我们要错过火车了
Story-Grandmother’s story of the forest祖母的森林故事
Phonics- Blends ~ nk sk ck lk
Main theme-travel各种运输工具及运输站的说法
Unit 2 Travel
Song-She’ll be coming round the mountain她会来山里
Conversation-Have you been on the boat before?你有搭过船吗
Story-Grandmother’s strange encounter祖母奇怪的遭遇
Phonics- Blends ~mp sp
Main theme-询问地点之现在简单式问句与直述句的用法
Unit 3 Seasons
Song- Scarecrow稻草人
Conversation-The trees are so pretty in the fall.秋天的树很美丽
Story-Grandmother’s discovery祖母的发现
Phonics- Blends ~ ng
Main theme-seasons季节与形容词的说法
Unit 4 Seasons
Song- Sing a song of sunshine唱首太阳之歌吧
Conversation-I can’t wait for summer!我等不及夏天了
Story-Grandmother’s sadness祖母的悲伤
Phonics- Review nk sk ck lk mp sp ng
Main theme-询问天气的用法/季节的介系词使用与答句
Unit 5 Winter traditions
Song-Dance like snowflakes舞如雪花
Conversation-What do you want for Christmas?你圣诞节想要什么
Story- Grandmother’s gift祖母的礼物
Phonics- Blends ~ff ss ll zz
Main theme-winter traditions冬季活动的说法
Unit 6 Winter traditions
Conversation-Wake up! Wake up!醒醒!醒醒
Story- The necklace combined项链的结合
Phonics- Review all of the blends and consonant digraphs
Main theme-询问假期计划/节日的介系词使用及答句